Vladimir Terziski

One of the few references that I haven't managed to find before writing this piece is a book, probably from 1993, called Close Encounters of the Kugelblitz Kind, by Vladimir Terziski.

Terziski first appeared in or around that year, claiming to be the "President, American Academy of Dissident Sciences, 10970 Ashton Ave. #310, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA. When I wrote to the Academy asking for further information, my letter was returned, the Academy not being known at the address. He also claims that he is "a Bulgarian born engineer and physicist, graduated Cum Laude from the Master of Science program of Tokai University in Tokyo in 1980. Served as a solar energy researcher, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, before immigrating to the US in 1984." [29
Terziski seems, with a little help from Al Bielek of the completely loopy 'Montauk Project', who was co-founder of the Academy, to have introduced a completely new strand of 'Nazi UFO' material. It also appears in one of the series of Montauk Project books. It is so outrageously unbelievable, implausible, and devoid of supporting evidence that it has proved to be very popular among those who believe in an Illuminati conspiracy, the New World Order, and the links between our rulers and Reptilian Aliens. The last trace I've found of Terziski is at a speaker at a 'patriot' meeting in 1998, but his influence lives on, creating an alternative, revised history in which the Nazis won in the end.

Terziski describes Renato Vesco as "the Italian Wernher von Braun, the research scientist in charge of the Italian Air Force and Space Research and Development program during the war", which says much for the thoroughness of his research. But then, research isn't really what Terziski is (or was) about. Brad Steiger quotes him as telling of "an 'alien tutor race' that secretly began cooperating with certain German scientists in the late 1920s in underground bases and began to introduce their concepts of philosophical, cultural, and technological progress" . . "(he) maintains that antigravity research began in the 1920s with the first hybrid antigravity circular craft, the RFZ-1, constructed by the secret Vril society. In 1942-43 a series of antigravity machines culminated in the giant 350-foot-long, cigar-shaped Andromeda space station, which was constructed in old Zeppelin hangars near
by E4, the research and development arm of the SS." [30]

He is also quoted (by Branton - see below) as making comments about the continued use of slave labour by the 'pure-bred Aryan S.S.' who live underground, conducting genetic experiments continuing those of WW2, in pursuance of the "Germans-Nazis-Illuminati pact", which was established "with the serpent races long years before the American 'secret/conventional' hybrid government had done so." [31]

Nor has Terziski's account of the trips to the Moon or Mars proved as unbelievable as we might hope. He says

The Germans landed on the Moon as early as probably 1942, utilizing their larger exoatmospheric rocket saucers of the Miethe and Schriever type. The Miethe rocket craft was built in diameters of 15 and 50 meters, and the Schriever Walter turbine powered craft was designed as an interplanetary exploration vehicle. It had a diameter of 60 meters, had 10 stories of crew compartments, and stood 45 meters high . . .

Ever since their first day of landing on the Moon, the Germans started boring and tunneling under the surface, and by the end of the war there was a small Nazi research base on the Moon. The free energy tachyon drive craft of the Haunibu-1 and 2 type were used after 1944 to haul people," materiel and the first robots to the construction site on the Moon. When Russians and Americans secretly landed jointly on the Moon in the early fifties with their own saucers, they spent their first night there as guests of the .... Nazi underground base . . .

According to the authors of the underground German documentary movie from the Thule society (presumably 'UFO Secrets of the Third Reich', which Terziski is alleged to have produced himself - KM), the only produced craft of the Haunibu-3 type - the 74 meter diameter naval warfare dreadnought - was chosen for the most courageous mission of this whole century - the trip to Mars. The craft was of saucer shape, had the bigger Andromeda tachyon drives, and was armed with four triple gun turrets of large naval caliber (three inverted upside down and attached to the underside of the craft, and the fourth on top of the crew compartments).

A volunteer suicide crew of Germans and Japanese was chosen, because everybody knew that this journey was a one-way journey with no return. The large intensity of the electro-magnetogravitic fields and the inferior quality of the metal alloys used then for the structural elements of the drive, was causing the metal to fatigue and get very brittle only after a few months of work of the drive. The flight to Mars departed from
Germany one month before the war ended - in April 1945 . . The radio message with the mixed news was received by the German underground space control center in Neu Schwabenland and by their research base on the Moon. [32]

By March 2000, the Vril and Haunebu craft had become real in many minds, not least that of the author of William Bacon's Home Page/Nordic Saucer Report. In addition to the Feuerball and Kugelblitz, and assorted Schreiver, Belluzzo, Miethe and Habermohl creations, he included in his list, 'Reported German Disc Aircraft Types January 28, 2000 (updated to March 2000)

Electrogravitic Craft Based on Currently Unknown Physics

Original Vril Society Craft. Said to be a "time machine", it underwent two years of experiment. Dismantled early in 1924 (!) and shipped to
Augsburg. The design was said to have been based on channeled information from a supposed planet orbiting the star Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri). Disposition unknown
2. RFZ-1 (RFZ=Rundflugzeug=round aircraft). Disc created in mid 1934 by Vril Society. Crashed from low altitude on first test.
3. RFZ-2. Completed at the end of 1934 by the Vril Society. length was 16 feet, and it was the first with "magnetic field impulse steering". It was operational in 1940 as seen in a photograph taken over an ocean, said to be the
South Atlantic
4. RFZ-4. A test craft driven by propeller to study the aerodynamics of a disc-shaped craft. associated with Schutzstaffel (SS) unit E4.
5. RFZ-5. Also known as Haunebu I (note: Nebel=haze or smoke). Flew 08/1939. Diameter 83 feet. Photograph exists, said to have been taken over
. With a crew of eight, said to have reached 12,000 mph and upper atmosphere. Claimed to have been equipped with two laser (apparent anachronism) guns.
6. RFZ-6 (Haunebu II). Work began before the end of 1942. Various shapes, 85 feet to 100 feet in diameter and 30 to 36 feet high, were produced. A 3200 knot speed is assigned, making for near-space capability. One plan shows a Donar Ray Gun (!) in a turret on the underside. Some had sleeping quarters. a deep-space variant was said to be 234 feet in diameter. At least one side-view drawing with data survives and it bears an uncanny resemblance to an orthographic projection which has been made from the famous Adamski and Darbishire UFO photographs.
7. Haunebu III. An SS E4-planned deep-space disc craft. Various photographs show design variations. Over 400 feet in diameter. A side view drawing with data survives. Reportedly,
found none. A Haunebu IV also is reported
8. Andromeda Project A large craft planned by SS E4 for interstellar travel, Over 100 ton capacity. 360 feet long

Other Craft

These types may have combined what we now consider known and unknown physics. The Vril craft were of 20 to 40 feet in diameter. .

1. RFZ7T. Work began in 1942 on a discus craft by Miethe, Joined by Bellonzo then Schreiver and Habermohl. A "reliable, functional light craft".
2. Vril I. A 36 foot single seat craft, which was armed and tested before the end of 1942. Flew 7000 mph from its
Brandenburg test site. Could instantly change direction.
3. Vril II. An air-water motor in the center of the craft spun rapidly like a tornado, thus according to Schauberger's implosion principle, neutralizing gravity, as with the Vril I craft. diameter also similar. Vril VII and Vril IX also reported.
4. V7. Possibly numbered as one of the Vergeltungswaffen(retaliation weapons). Fitted with 12 BMW jet engines. Reached 78,000 feet, later 80,000 feet on first tests over the
Baltic sea, 04/17/1945. A spherical glass like-dome surrounded by a rotating wing of turbine blades." [33]

This presentation of completely fictitious data as historical and technical data makes it that much more credible, but Bacon is by no means the most extreme of believers.


The imaginary history invented or presented (or both) by Terziski has itself been carried forward by others, for reasons that continue to baffle me. Probably the most high-profile, and perhaps the most productive of these is 'Branton', whose 'Omega Files' material in various areas of conspiracy and that peculiar neo-fascism that exists among 'patriots' who also believe in the intervention of alien beings is all too easy to find on the Net. I had been wondering who Branton was, and an answer seems to have come recently from an Alan DeWalton, under the title 'Branton's Testimony'

"Branton is a guy who has been involved in abductions since he was a child [generational family stuff], MANY of which involved Alien/CIA agendas in the underground bases. He was "programmed" AS an alternate personality, or a "sleeper agent" by the CIA and has interacted with underground bases and especially Dulce WHILE IN THE altered state of consciousness. Many abductees will tell you that during abductions their "conscious mind" seems to switch off and another "personality" that is programmed by the alien agenda kicks in. These alternate identities are individuals in a sense, but also are linked to the alien collective which is how Branton gets much of his information, literally "hacking the hive"... having spent years being manipulated by the alien group-mind he has now turned it around WITH God's help and is using it as a weapon against them, although you'll never know how painful it has been for him... a literal hell... but having taken up the "cross" as his sword and shield he is prevailing against the "beast", just like "Saint" George the Dragon slayer of old you might say. Branton was "saved" [born again] in 1985 and "Branton the alter ego" is apparently still involved with the underground scenarios on a nocturnal basis, trying to put together a literal "underground resistance" movement, both in the underground bases and above. This resistance movement involves freedom fighter forces within certain military bases, several "hybrids" [many his own 'kids'], Nordics, Telosians, several of "the orange" group, and even some of the Sasquatch type aliens . . " [34]

These biographical details may make Branton's willingness to accept Terziski's claims as true. Branton reports

Although it may sound rather incredible, Terziski alleges that he possesses confirming information such as the "...first video expose of Nazi UFOs. German/Japanese saucer landings on the moon and Mars in 1944-46, Marconi group's landing on Mars in 1956... video footage of Nazi interplanetary dreadnoughts and of secret Soviet-American saucer landing on Mars.

Although many of the 'Greys' have been described as being of neo-saurioid configuration, other 'Greys' pose a different mystery as to their origin and seem to be more of a bio-synthetic or 'manufactured' configuration. Vladimir Terziski suggests that some of these greys may be "...a product of the
US government's biogenetic cyborg R&D program." [35]

The Omega File titled 'Nazi History' is another example of the presentation of the incredible as if it were fact. This is just an excerpt, and I have excised some of the rambling about rich industrialists and the Illuminati

370000 Germans recover crashed disk. Work begins on German disk program based on recovered 'alien' technology.
380000 Standard [EXXON] Oil sends I.G. Farben 500 tons of lead additive for gasoline.
390000 Germans working on mini-television for bomb / rocket guidance.
Germany invades Poland.
390901 Soviets invade
410000 Germans test Schriever-Habermohl Model I prototype flying disk or lenticular aircraft Model II in 1944.
successfully tests Schriever disk design.
410800 I.G. Farben tests Zyklon B gas.
420000 German 'fireballs' harass allied pilots and aircraft.
420225 [German?] UFOs appear over
Los Angeles
. 1,430 rounds fired against them. Some on the ground killed or wounded by unexploded anti-aircraft shells.
430000 CIA's Allen Dulles [Bavarian Illuminati] cuts a deal with Nazi SS
intelligence. This would eventually lead to a massive infiltration of the
CIA by Nazi S.S. agents, who would in turn begin a global program of
toppling third world governments and replacing them with their own fascist puppet dictatorships. Germans complete research on alloy of magnesium and aluminum.
agent Douglas Bazata receives contract on General George
Patton's life. Feuerball aircraft constructed at aeronautical factory at
Wiener Neustadt. Germans test Bellonzo-Schriever-Meithe designs based on Coanda disk.
* replaces German saucer [rotor] propulsion with advanced jet propulsion. *('Wilson' is presumably the fictional character in the 'Project Saucer' novels of W A Harbinson, who has somehow crossed over into Branton's version of reality)
441123 Allied pilots run into 'fireballs' over Strasbourg.
450000 Both L.F.A. at Volkenrode and center at
Guidonia working on disk craft. Soviets gain some German disk data [and apprehend?] Dr. Günther Bock. United States
captures some German disk technology and scientists. British technical advisor discovers German plans for advanced lenticular aircraft.
450200 Kugelblitz [crew-carrying Fireball] test flown in
, reached speeds of 1250 mph.
450216 Kugelblitz tested near Kahla, disk-shaped, 1250 mph. Germans begin to transfer saucer projects to South Polar underground bases.
450223 Perfected engines removed from Kugelblitz and sent to polar base. Kugelblitz, minus engines, blown up by SS personnel to prevent the design from falling into the hands of the Allies.
450225 Workers at Kahla complex brought to
and gassed so as
not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects. Kahla closed. Slavian slave-laborers from various underground facilities also taken to Karshagan and other camps and killed.
450400 General Hans Kammler disappears from
450425 Gen. Kammler joins
and Gen. Nebe on U-977 bound for South Pole.
America turns 2/3rds of Germany's aircraft manufacturing over to Soviets. Nazis help form CIA operations division with Rockefeller assistance. Imported SS intelligence officers help form Radio Liberty and Voice of America. Gen. Hoyt Vandenburg becomes director of CIA. U.S. and Canada
begin joint disk development programs in underground plants.
460726 Truman signs National Military Establishment Act. Creates NSC, CIA.
470000 CIA Mind-Control drug project begins at
Bethesda Naval Hospital. German disks start flyovers over United States
. National Security Act. CIA begins to monitor UFOs.
470100 Operation Highjump begins at South Pole to find the German Bases.
Military Commander Admiral Richard E. Byrd leads 4000 troops in reconnaissance over
, and encounters resistance from 'Aryan' [German/Austrian] saucer fleets. Apparent casualties on both sides. [36]

I've begun to be accustomed to dealing with extreme beliefs and outlooks, without ever getting immured to the moral and intellectual desert that inevitably underpins them. Yet there is something almost uniquely twisted about the statement, "Workers at Kahla complex brought to
Buchenwald and gassed so as not to reveal secret of Nazi disk projects." In that there were no construction projects for Nazi discs, there were no slave workers building Nazi discs, and therefore no workers could have been taken to Buchenwald and gassed for the reasons Branton gives. He also asserts that huge numbers of slave workers were taken to build the Nazi bases under the South Pole. What sort of need is fulfilled by simply making up these demented distortions of the miserable truths of the Holocaust is quite beyond my understanding. If we actively resist no other element of the Nazi UFO mythos, perhaps we can at least make our rejection of this one as obvious, and effective, as is possible. Other 'false histories' follow.